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Biofume Greenhouse

Biofume Greenhouse

Biofume offers a natural pest management for greenhouses and treats sensitive areas, eliminating the need for conventional pesticides. Its uses only natural ingredients, primarily garlic-based. Garlic is a known plant nutrient and by adding it to a smoke, it is distributed evenly throughout  the greenhouse, giving all plants the extra nutrients they need to boost their natural defences and fight off insect attack.


The BioFume range does not require registration and is not classified as dangerous, meaning that it can be used by the general public. All BioFume products are manufactured under ISO procedures in Bristol, England and are tested by our in-house quality department.

Instructions for use:

Best used in the  late afternoon  or evening in calm weather when the temperature is over 16°C.


07/07/2017 - 13:59

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