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Xlure MST

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Xlure MST

Xlure MST

This is a truly indispensable tool for the monitoring of crawling insects in the stored product chain. The Xlure-MST is formulated with three pheromones and two food attractants for the trapping of 12 species of stored product pests, with a high degree of efficiency.

  • 360-degree entrance
  • Its surface replicates the crack-like harbourages which attract these insects to increase trapping potential.
  • Multiple release system
  • Different release systems which allow a consistent diffusion of the attractants for a full 6- 8 weeks.
  • Beetle-specific pheromones to attract key species.

Target Species Include:

Biscuit Beetle; Cigarette Beetle; Rust-Red Flour Beetle; Merchant Grain Beetle; Saw Toothed Grain Beetle; Flat Grain Beetle; Grin Weevil; Rice Weevil; Confused Flour Beetle; Khapra Beetle; Warehouse Beetle; Flour Mite

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